Meet the Artist

Bernard Greenwald, artist  |

Bernard Greenwald was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1941. He received his BFA from the Philadelphia Museum, College of Art and his MFA from Yale University School of Art & Architecture. He lives and paints in Red Hook, New York where he lives with his wife.

About His Recent Landscape Work

Bernard Greenwald makes paintings based on the landscape in the Hudson Valley, near to his home in Red Hook, New York. His primary concern is color and how it expresses light passing through where we live and travel. His paintings depict rural and urban environs, and roads and cars since it is from a moving vehicle a contemporary person usually absorbs the landscape.

Vaulting cars. Flattened trucks. Rainbow telephone wires. This is how it actually looks, when you look. A gas station temple, a sign, 5, a billboard with farm animals. Everything is frozen at 45 mph. Far is up, near is down, in-the-middle is from-a-distance. Polka-dot hills, checkerboard parking lots. Everything is all at once. This square mile of country landscape and small-town business zone hangs on about a square yard of my bedroom wall. It excites me to life every morning. I look long enough to think of school days, my grandmother, my father’s Buick, my childhood drawings.

There’s an orange car hurtling over the top of the blue hill. It thrills me to move out of its way.

I’ve never looked at paintings longer than I look at Bernard Greenwald’s. They excite me to giggling and pacify me, simultaneously. They are sophisticated and primitive, simultaneously. They bring it on, they let me see, from behind my own windshield. Oh, yes, I’ve been there, but I never noticed that before.”

—Lawrence Bush